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Julian Acosta is an Austin, Texas Rock & Roll artist. Although no cliche, Julian is a tale of two cities refined by two cultures that shaped him. He was born in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico and raised Texan. Rock and Roll began to influence his life when his Mom took him backstage Rod Stewart when he was one year old. 


His authentic, free spirited, & refined disposition make him a man for the times. The elegance and grit of his sound showcases his vast travels and extensive study of music & the human experience. His voice projects pure positivity through the lens of Rock & Roll, Blues and Soul. 


His admiration for like likes of Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, AC DC, Aretha Franklin, Linda Rondstad, Tom Petty, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Juan Gabriel, and Sam Cooke have all attributed to his evolution. 

In 2015 after his first single release of “This Town” a song about his love for Austin, The Mayor of the Live Music Capitol of The World proclaimed June 18th as Julian Acosta Day. In the spring of 2016 he was nominated top 10 musicians of the year and best new bands at the SXSW Austin Music Awards. 


Having had a small taste of support from the fans, his music career has taken him to play music in the UK, Mexico, Canada, & Texas. He's had the honor to share the stage with acts such as Bob Schneider, Jimmie Vaughan, Jackie Venson, Kalu & The Electric Joint and more. In 2022, a one year trip throughout Texas, Mexico, Western United States, and Southern California inspired Julian to approach his career with a fresh, serious, and dedicated perspective. 


This current release A: Side B Side is an ode to the people while honoring the travel between cultures. It’s his formal introduction from his heart to the world as he evolved into an artist.

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