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Julian Acosta is a soul/blues rock & roll artist based in Austin, Tx. Julian has been making music for only a few years and his talent has already brought him to numerous adventures at various corners of the world.


Julian Acosta is an artist that represents real rock & roll in the 21st Century. His vocal style can be described as immensely soulful with a healthy mix of old school blues.

Per a promise to his mother to finish school, he put off music and Studied 3.5 years of international business in Queretaro, Mexico. He graduated with a Marketing degree and concentrated in music & media at the University of Texas San Antonio.

In 2015, the music label he founded, formerly known as Capitol City Records, was voted one of the top 10 music labels in the SXSW Austin Music Industry Awards. This milestone occurred only about 5 months after having released his first music production. That same year The mayor of Austin, TX  proclaimed June 18th as Julian Acosta Day for his positive and creative contributions to the Live Music Capital of The World.


He first started making a name for himself when he released his first song and music video titled “This Town” in the fall of 2014. This was a song about his love and inspiration found in Austin. It was this project that quickly opened the doors to becoming one of the most inspirational performers in Texas to this very day.

In the spring of 2016, he was nominated top 10 musicians of the year and best new bands at the SXSW Austin Music Awards. Capitol City placed top 5 which beat out their ranking in the previous year. Additionally, his songs “Dandelion”, a love song played on the Ukulele, and “This Town” are continuously played across many College Radio stations as well as Texas Radio. The Austin press has called his performances gritty blues/rock with a soul.


For being a musician and having started his own music label, Julian was quoted by UTSA as being a “a musician with business cred...”. It’s more impressive given that his accomplishments are on a timeline within 2 years of him pursuing his personal career in music.


2017 brought a new adventure for Julian as well as new music, he teamed up with the Rockford,IL based record label called Independent Ear to release his single “Cinnamon”. Julian is the “Epitome of the word HUSTLE and that is why we love this opportunity to work with Julian” - Independent Ear Founder Phillip Ryan Block.


Crowds love him because he engages with them, has a contagious energy, and he's turned out to be a very disciplined, emerging artist. He is known to perform barefoot and says "Man, I just love the feeling of being grounded yet having unparalleled freedom." Musically, it is safe to say that he is one of the most versatile in his class. He directs a full band, plays electric with a drummer to layer with a looper, and does solo electric & acoustic. One thing does remain the same, the kid brings the vibe!

"Julian Acosta is in constant motion. He made up his mind a long time ago. When you dedicate your entire life to the one thing you love the most, forget slowing down, or taking breaks. Amidst a few bumps in the road and some heart-wrenching moments of frustration along the way, Acosta moves forward as if jet-propelled by making music" Laurie Gallardo KUTX

"Julian left the crowd speechless after singing a Spanish Song..." - The Daily Texan Print

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