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About The Release

This current release consisting of two singles - (A: Side B Side) The release is an ode to two cultures that influenced Julian as the artist he is today; born in Mexico & raised Texan.

They say creativity is what you do with what you have available and that's exactly what Julian did when he started releasing music at first. "I'm so grateful for the experience in releasing music previously and how it put me where I am today. If I'm being honest, it feels great to be releasing the music I am today the most and I feel like I am an artist now. I also am enjoying the process of recording new music right now more than ever. I love where I am sonically. These last years, I feel like I stepped back to develop myself personally, professionally, musically, and artistically. It was very important for me to really ask myself what kind of artist did I want to become and discover a version of my self where I would be proud to introduce myself and feel like I was an artist. I know this is just the beginning yet right now I really feel like an artist." - Julian Acosta


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